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Transform Your Devices with Top-tier Samsung Mobile Folders and Advanced Displays

Sun JT provides the best choice when it comes to personalizing and enhancing the appearance of your Samsung mobile devices. Sun JT is renowned for having the best available mobile smartphone folders. Our displays offer a wide viewing angle and high resolution, which enhances the viewing experience. sunJT has made significant investments in research and development to create displays with high levels of color accuracy, brightness, and assessment.

A significant amount of SunJT Mobile Folder's research and development budget is dedicated to the development of display technology, allowing the company to stay abreast of market developments.

Our Features

Better Organization

By categorizing and grouping your programs using custom folders, you can find and access them more quickly. By categorizing folders according to different themes or usage patterns, you may reduce the time you spend looking for certain programs on your home screen.

Reduced Distractions

By grouping your apps into folders, you can reduce the amount of visual clutter on your home screen. This can reduce distractions and provide a crisper, more focused interface. Maintaining a well-organized folder structure can improve your overall computing experience and give you a greater sense of control.


Specifically designed and tested parts for every model of the device have been authorized. Fit and compatibility issues are nonexistent.


Original components are painstakingly crafted to fulfil OEM requirements and withstand frequent use without malfunctioning or requiring maintenance.

Enhanced Accessibility

You can also make your smartphone more accessible by customizing folders to your preferences. You can create folders specifically for frequently used accessibility features like screen readers, magnifiers, or communication tools. This way, whenever you need these features, you won't have to search through a ton of menus or settings to get them quickly.

Value for Money

Prevents exorbitant purchases of inferior knockoffs. Original parts end up being more cost-effective over time. As authorized distributors, wholesalers are entitled to bulk discounts, which they subsequently transfer to consumers in the form of reduced retail pricing.

Large Inventory

Sun JT provides distributors with a large inventory. Due to their direct access to the producers' extensive inventory, they can acquire both popular and rare models.

Bulk Order Discounts

Place bulk orders to benefit from wholesale prices and save as much as possible. Sun JT provides companies and retailers with a range of discounts.

Our Products

Samsung M30
Samsung M20